DUI Attorney in Soldotna, AK

Have you recently received a DUI citation? Driving under the influence occurs commonly, but the consequences could range from increased insurance payments to license suspension and-in extreme cases-jail time.

Whatever your circumstances, don't treat your DUI citation lightly. Instead, seek representation from the Law Offices of Daniel Aaronson, a DUI attorney near Soldotna, AK. At our office in Kenai, we help clients across the Kenai Peninsula understand the legal system and receive the best outcomes for their particular cases.
Car keys and an alcohol - The DUI attorney in Soldotna, AK

How Can Your Attorney Help?

If you have a DUI citation or charge, whether for drugs or for alcohol, you need quick legal help. As soon as you can, contact an attorney at the Law Offices of Daniel Aaronson. Let us use our legal representation to resolve and
improve your situation.

When you meet with our DUI attorney in Soldotna, AK, we'll discuss the circumstances surrounding your case. Our team from the Kenai Peninsula can help you understand your DUI charge as well as how it affects your future.

We handle all sorts of DUI cases, including:
  • Car
  • Boat
  • Bicycle
  • Motorcycle
  • Commercial cases
We also help with refusals, or cases that occur if you refuse a Breathalyzer test and receive additional charges. We can request forensic blood testing as well.

What Does Your Attorney Need?

As your DUI attorney in Soldotna, AK, we believe honesty is the best policy. Be clear and direct as you describe your charge's circumstances. As we review your situation, we'll also analyze any illegal police activities. For example, did the police read you your Miranda Rights? If not, we may convince the court to dismiss your case.

Once we have a firm grasp of the entire story, we'll craft a solid defense.

Contact the Law Offices of Daniel Aaronson

Since 1994, Daniel Aaronson has worked hard to help clients like you understand the legal system. We believe our emphasis on client relationships, along with our 20+ years of experience, has contributed to our success as one of Kenai Peninsula's top law firms.

To benefit from our legal aid, contact the Law Offices of Daniel Aaronson at (907) 283-7187. We'll schedule your consultation and put our team to work on your behalf.
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